Belief and Mission
We Believe and Teach...

...that the Bible is God's Word, verbally inspired, without error, and the Source of absolute truth.

...that Jesus Christ, crucified and raised from death, is the Son of God and, therefore, true God with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

...that we ALL are sinners deserving eternal death, and left to ourselves, can do nothing to contribute to our salvation.

...that Jesus, by His perfect life and death, earned the forgiveness of sins for all people, and now through the Gospel offers Heaven to ALL as a free gift from God.

...that infants as well as adults should be baptized, for through Baptism forgiveness of sins is imparted to the individual.

...that there is life after death, that Christ, through faith in Him, brings us to Heaven, while unbelief leads to hell, both places being real.

...that hearts responding to God's goodness produce lives of thankfulness, of service and obedience to God and His Word.
Our Mission and Objectives
The Mission and Objectives of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church are to share the truth and love of God’s saving Word, and our personal faith in that Word, within our church, our community, and the world, through active involvement by all our members, specifically:

To PREACH, by proclaiming the Word of God in accordance with the Lutheran Confessions, as we worship and praise God in a loving Christian atmosphere;

To TEACH, by fostering an ongoing increase in knowledge and maturity in God’s Word through adult Bible classes, Sunday school for children and through our Christian elementary school;
To REACH, by sharing the Gospel of God’s Word with all people, and to do so;

By EACH member actively participating in the Mission and Objectives.