St. Paul's Lutheran School provides a complete course of instruction from kindergarten through eighth grade.  It is different from public and many private schools in the following ways:

  • Time is set aside every day for worship and study in God's Word.
  • All subjects are taught from the Biblical perspective.
  • As Christians, our goal is to carry out all activities in Christian love and in the knowledge of our being God's children.
Religion - Chapel, Devotions, Bible History, Catechism, Hymnology

Language Arts - Reading, Spelling, Literature, Penmanship, Phonics, Speech, Grammar, Creative Writing

Mathematics - Saxon Math with option of Algebra 1 in 8th grade

Science - General Science, Health

Social Studies - Geography, History, Ohio History, Community Studies, Government

Physical Education - Exercises, Games, Skills, Team Sports

Music - Singing, Listening, Theory, Rhythm, Appreciation

Art - Art Appreciation, Drawing, Painting, Craft Projects