Preserving Our Great Heritage
Last updated on October 20, 2019

Why is this emphasis important to me?

The Preserving Our Great Heritage emphasis is an extraordinary opportunity for me to grow in faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ, through God's Word.  It will also give me many opportunities to consider God's abundant blessings to my congregation and me.  I will have the opportunity to pray about my understanding of God's grace and goodness when I evaluate my current giving to the Lord.  Motivated by the gospel of God's love in Christ, my response is an expression of my thanksgiving and love for God. 

On this page you will find the upcoming events, prayers of the day and other important information pertaining to our emphasis.

We look forward to every member attending one of the meetings about "Preserving Our Great Heritage."

To attempt to make it possible for everyone to find a time that will work for them, we have four meetings scheduled between October 14th - 20th. (See the right side panel). These meetings will explain what this stewardship emphasis is about, and will answer any questions you might have. 

If you have not received a "Journey of Faith" Devotional Guide, please be sure to ask for one the next time you're at church so that you can continue to grow in your faith.

Preserving Our Great Heritage - Daily Prayers

Prayers for God's blessings on the "Preserving Our Great Heritage" Emphasis

Week Four - The prayers for Sunday and Monday are written by some of our youth at St. Paul's. They want to "Preserve Our Great Heritage" of Word and Sacraments for many generations to come. May God continue to bless our church and school as we reach out to these young people with his Word.

Sunday, October 20th  


Dear Lord, please bless St. Paul's Church and School and all of its members and families. You have blessed this church and school many times before. Now please bless it again as it goes through some very needed repairs. St. Paul's Church and School provide a very safe environment. Whether it's for visitors or members, the church and school have always done a lot for their Christian families. So in your name we pray for you to bless St. Paul's. Amen.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, October 20th
Worship Focus: A Focused Life
All Member Presentation - Following 10:30am service

Sunday, November 3rd
Celebration Sunday!